Centre for Student Development

There are three (3) units and three (3) departments in Centre for Student Development :-
Main Function


Administration and Purchasing Unit is responsible for planning, coordination, implementation and assessment of managerial and administrative matters. This unit is also responsible for managing finances and purchasing, and plays a supporting role in the implementation of activities under the purview of PPP. The Administration and Purchasing Unit has a primary responsibility to ensure that human resources, office management, positions and services, finances and purchasing, records and inventories, staff training and development, staff welfare, office morale and standards of services offered are carried out smoothly and with a high degree of customer satisfaction at all times.


Human Development Department takes the place of the Soft Skills Unit, due to several small changes in its objectives and scope of work. The objectives of this department are to offer short courses as part of a comprehensive effort to produce holistic students with enhanced marketability. Human development courses offered prepare students to face life as a university student.


Co-Curriculum (Credited) Department is responsible for conducting the co-curriculum (credited) courses at UNIMAS since Semester 2, Session 2010/2011, in an effort to develop and produce students who are distinguished, patriotic, responsible and competitive. Implementation of this course supports the National Strategic Higher Education Plan Phase II toward increasing development of human capital to effect a transformation in national development. This course is arranged with a focus on Soft Skills for evaluation, together with other areas under the eight (8) groups, namely: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism, Community Service, Culture, Public Speaking, Competitiveness and Innovativeness, and Sport. This course is offered for one (1) semester only and students may register and sit for the course from the second semester forward.


Career and Graduate Employability Department was instituted within PPP in August 2014. Recognizing that admission to university is not a free pass to gaining satisfactory employment, a variety of activities need to be carried out to enable students to improve their abilities and skills. Academic achievement alone is insufficient. The department is responsible for planning, running, and monitoring employability exercises for students, as well as ensuring that students nearing graduation are prepared physically, mentally and spiritually such that they are capable of grappling with the reality of the working world at the present time. The department must ensure every program it conducts is capable of endowing future graduates with the attributes of employability and marketability.


Alumni Unit was assigned to PPP starting Mac 1, 2016. This unit was under Centre for Student Services structure since March 2009 and it was originally known as Alumni Relation and Communication Unit. This unit is responsible for establishing a broader and stronger communication network by seeking stronger collaboration among UNIMAS alumni and the University including its citizens. This unit also provides network services and establish lifelong relationships with all UNIMAS Alumni across the country with the hope that they can contribute again in various forms to achieve the goals of UNIMAS excellence.


Industrial Training Unit ---